Laundry For One

Laundry For One

from 120.00

What We'll Do: 

  • Provide you with a set size bag, 22" x 28" (Please note this is the only option, right now.) 
  • Launder your clothes on Mondays, we pick up at Kearny Point by 9 am. We'll work out the details for a drop off location as soon as possible and let you know.
  • Return to Kearny Point, the same day, with your clean clothes by 5pm. 
  • Monthly service entails pick-up & drop off at Kearny Point every Monday for 4 weeks

What you'll receive:

  • Your own 22" x 28" bag (1st bag is on us, if you lose it or rip it you'll be charged $8.00)
  • A plastic name tag, please fill it out and place in bag.
  • Service with a smile :)
  • Freedom from laundry!! 

What you need to do:   

  • Select Regular (if you want us to use generic detergent & fabric softener) or Select Sensitive (if you want us to use detergent & fabric softener for sensitive skin)
  • Select how you want to pay for your laundry services ( monthly or every 3 months) 
  • Once you receive your bag fill it up.
  • Fill out the name tag & place it on your bag **This is very important**
  • Sit back, relax, & smile :)
Frequency & Regular or Sensitive:
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